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About a week ago, I came across an video about an inspiring 15-year-old from Africa named Kelvin Doe.  Despite living in poverty, in a town with electricity that comes on only once a week, he has... Read More

Most awesome stuff ever? Polycaprolactone for Prototyping

I just found out about a nifty prototyping material. This stuff is so cool (and hot!). It's called polycaprolactone and it is touted as a hand-shapeable polymer. it's been around for a few decades... Read More

User engagement

Hi there folks! Welcome to my first CD2 blog entry. I am going to discuss some of how we used user feedback to develop and focus our solution... Read More

What are VC firms looking for?

Last month, we traveled to San Francisco for Elsevier's IN3 Summit. Intermittently, between pitches, venture firms also... Read More

Structured Ideation

Recently I was able to attend a session at the Design, Manufacturing & Automation (DMA) conference in Chicago. The session was entitled "Design Ideation & Innovation for Engineers" and... Read More