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A chess lesson in design thinking

If we look at design thinking as a systematic approach for problem-solving and innovation, we can learn a lot by comparing the approaches of novice and expert chess players. A novice will... Read More


Our team had the fantastic opportunity to join professor Dan Brown’s class, Discovery & Invention at Segal Design Institute at Northwestern. His course is helping us better understand design... Read More


About a week ago, I came across an video about an inspiring 15-year-old from Africa named Kelvin Doe.  Despite living in poverty, in a town with electricity that comes on only once a week, he has... Read More

Most awesome stuff ever? Polycaprolactone for Prototyping

I just found out about a nifty prototyping material. This stuff is so cool (and hot!). It's called polycaprolactone and it is touted as a hand-shapeable polymer. it's been around for a few decades... Read More

User engagement

Hi there folks! Welcome to my first CD2 blog entry. I am going to discuss some of how we used user feedback to develop and focus our solution... Read More